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Warm Up – 6 down to 1 of goblet squats, squat thrusts, and sit ups | hip and shoulder mobility 

Strength- Back Squat – 5-5-5-5-5

“Shark Tank”

10 DB Thrusters, 30 Double Unders – 12 Min AMRAP



One class Monday at 9:30am. Open hours from 10:30-11:30.


Warm Up – The Return of  Shoots and Ladders

Core- 1 Minute Weighted Plank, 100 Russian Twists, 50 KB Halos, 25 TGU (elbow e.w.) 1 Minute Weighted Plank 

“Young Charles”

500m Row , 400m Run, 30kb Swings x 3 rounds 

Schedule for Tomorrow 8/23

There will only be one class tomorrow morning at 7:30am. 

Hero Wod : Gator – 8 rounds of 5 front squats at 185, 26 Push Ups



Compare your scores to 7/25 – 1k Row, 800m Run for Time

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We have a huge announcement and will focus this weeks e-mail on this one topic.  Some of you may have already heard through others.  Our head coach, Tim Burke, has decided that it’s time to take the next step in his coaching career and open his own gym.  While he continues to figure out where the space will be and gets things in order to open the space, he will continue to be our head coach.  We wanted to let you all know that this is Tim’s decision, and Hybrid has no ill-feelings towards his decision. Tim has given his life to Hybrid since the gym opened in 2009.  He’s been here through the struggles, the great times, and everything in between.  He’s seen great athletes come and go, and non-athletes become athletes.  He’s pushed all of you through tough WOD’s and PR’s.  While we’re very saddened to see him go, we wish him nothing but the best in his new adventure as a gym owner and know he’ll be successful.  

Hybrid will continue on and will ensure that any new head coach we bring in will be up to par with what you’ve come to expect from the coaches, and more importantly the head coach, at our gym.  I’m sure you’ve seen some new faces shadowing our staff around the gym.  These are all experienced coaches who want to be a part of what Hybrid has become.  Please get to know them, and most of all, give us feedback about them.  Your input will be considered as we choose a new coach because you all are what makes this gym what it is.  Our class schedule won’t change and other coaches will fill in as needed to keep up with the class schedule we currently have.

Please join us in congratulating Tim on his decision to become a gym owner, and we’ll look forward to having a friendly competition scheduled sometime in the future between Hybrid, and Tim’s new box…of course Hybrid will win.

Tim’s last day will be Friday, August 29th, however, we want to do a community send-off WOD for him Wednesday, August 27th at 6:30pm.  We encourage all of you to adjust your schedule accordingly and join us for a special WOD in honor of Tim and what he’s done for the gym and for all of us.  The WOD will be followed immediately with pizza and beer and a whole bunch of socializing.  If you plan to participate, please sign up next to the ipad.  A sheet will be there starting tonight.  This is just to give us a decent head count for the food and beer.

Yoga This Sunday 8/13

Reminder: This Sunday there will be power yoga offered instead of the typical open hours session. If interested, please sign up at the front desk. This session is free for all members. 

Hybrid Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Check out our members who took to the water today up in Westport, CT!


Closed for the 4th! DT on Saturday

Friday Schedule 6/27

Morning Classes will run as scheduled. For the afternoon, there will only be one class at 5:30pm. See you in the Gym! 

Hybrid Athletics in Ecuador!


Awesome Group at the Strongman Cert! Thanks to everyone who came out!