of the

Strength – 30 Seconds of tire flips, 90 seconds of rest x 3 rounds 


20 Min EMOM
1st Minute- Row/ Ski Erg/ Bike – 10-15 Calories 
2nd Minute – 1 Round of Cindy 

Linda Heat Times

Heat 1 @ 9:30am

RX Plus — Steve Quinn

#wtfLinda — Trixie

Strong Front Better Back — Brittany Salvatore

Gothams Glory — Monifa Thompson

Guaranteed Low Back Pain — Jason Capola

Heat 2 @ 10am

Reluctant — Matt Stenardi

Bad Ass Moms — Cheryl Parker

Gotham Knights — Bryce Tolbert

Quad Squad — Jake Hennemuth

MAM — Anne Lund

Heat 3 @ 10:30am

Hybrid Black — Brett Cohen

Gordo’s cleaning service — Mixcus

Leo’s 300 — Robert Olson

Stef’s Team — Stef Corsi-Travali

Heat 4 @ 11:00am

Que Pasa Linda — Julianne V.

Klug Lives — Klugman

BKA — Vikki Cooper

Slav-Orlando — Rob O

Capone’s Team 

Strength – EMOM x 10 1st minute bench press x 6
2nd minute squat clean x 6

9 Min Amrap
9 Sit Ups
12 Swings

Schedule Update

Hey Guys,

We’ll run an open hours session starting at 4:00pm and close down at 5:30pm.

See you in the gym!


Home WODs courtesy of CrossFit OSA

sit ups
Push ups
x3 squats

30s plank
10 leg lifts
30s side plank (left side)
10 burpees
30s side plank (right side)
30-60s hs hold

50 Mt climbers
40 lunges
30 hollow rocks
20 Hand release Push ups
10 jump squats



Gym is closed tomorrow. Stay warm and stay safe.

LINDA Registration

Please have you team signed up by 5pm today to guarantee shirts for your team. Otherwise, yours may be delayed. Additionally, for anyone doing the event at Barrington, your shirts may be delayed due to weather/shipping. Thank you for your understanding.

Heats for LINDA will be posted by Tuesday Evening. Stay tuned here.

Class Schedule Change due to Storm

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 8.25.23 PM

Due to the impending storm, classes will run as normally scheduled through open hours at noon. We will be cloesed for the evening.

Check back for updates!

and see you in the gym!


Strength- DB row 5×5 Each Arm HEAVY

7 Rounds
1st minute – 1 shuttle run, max kb swings in remaining time
2nd minute – rest 1 minute

Schedule Change

We will be closed for the early morning classes (5:30am, 6:30am) tomorrow for the holiday. Classes will resume as normally scheduled starting with the 9:30am class.

See you in the gym!

Open Hours Canceled for Today Due to Road Conditions. Please check back later regarding tomorrow’s schedule for the holiday.