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Friday April 25, 2014
Mini wod-50 situps, 40 kb halo, 30 air squats, 20 kb press
Skill-pick a skill and practice

“Boston Baked Beans”
150m stone on shoulder run then 3 rds of 15 dumbbell snatch, 20 db squats
then 150m stone run, then 3rds of 15 weighted pushups, 10 strict pullups

Hybrid Strength
Split jerk practice….then 21-15-9 deadlift w/ max body weight bench press
after each set.

Easter Schedule

The gym will be closed Sunday 4/20. Classes will resume as scheduled on Monday morning. 

Spring Challenge


Buenos Aires Cert!

First Trip to South America was a big success. Thanks to everyone who participated. photo-22

Hybrid Athletics on Mainsite

Check out the photo below of a Hybrid stone which was featured on the The Photo was taken in Queensland, Australia 



Saturday Schedule

Please note: there will only be one class at 7:30am on March 1st due to the strongman seminar. 

The Open Starts TODAY!

To get you guys amped up, check out this great video from Crossfit HQ

Feb 24th update

Power is back!


Due to power-outages all over Stamford, including Hybrid Athletics the 5.30am class is canceled. The 6.30am may be as well depending on sunlight. The 7.30 will def be a go, however there may not be any music if the power is out. if anyone wants to donate a battery operated radio for the class/morning it would be a huge help. Thank you. Check site for updates.

Congrats Aleisha!


Congratulations to Aleisha and her husband Darren on welcoming their beautiful baby boy, Campbell Grey Bruce. 


Great Australian Tour

Thanks to all the hosts and to all those who attended the strongman tour in Australia! Each event was awesome! 


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